Title: How Things Began (12/23)
Rating: T
Author: jlrpuck
Pairing: Ruby Quarles, Elias McCoy
Disclaimer: The characters contained in this story are the products of my imagination; as such, I retain all right to and ownership of them.
Summary: Welcome to the story of how Elias McCoy and Ruby Quarles met, and grew to became the characters we know.
Notes: So, I’m going to Disney this weekend to celebrate my sister’s 40th. What that means, I’m afraid, is that I won’t be posting Chapter Thirteen this coming Monday. Before you grab the pichforks, rest assured that this is the best spot for me to take a small break. And of course I’ll be back bright and early next Thursday morning, one week from today.

Thank you to [personal profile] ginamak for acting as a sympathetic listener and excellent sounding board as I frantically penned this tale (and for enabling my Elias McCoy love), and for providing the first crack at beta of it when it was done. Huge thanks, as well, to [personal profile] earlgreytea68 and [personal profile] chicklet73 for their beta work, especially given how utterly insane their lives have been these past months.

How Things Began, Chapter 12 )


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