Title: A Breaking and Entering Thing
Author: jlrpuck
Rating: K
Characters: Peter Carlisle, Elias McCoy
Disclaimer: Characters from Blackpool are the property of BBC, are are used with the greatest of love and respect; no profit is intended from the writing or sharing of this story.
Summary: Peter and Elias find their way into another misadventure.
Notes: Written for [personal profile] principia_coh, months ago now, after she planted the idea in my head and wouldn’t let me ignore it.

I’m not sure this was ever beta’d, but if it was it would have been by the inimitable [personal profile] earlgreytea68 and [personal profile] chicklet73. Any errors in the story, though, are mine and mine alone.

A Breaking and Entering Thing )


Not a ficlet, but exactly what the title implies. It's a combo offering-a timeline showing the order of the stories and ficlets in Peter and Rose's relationship (so I can keep track of where I am, writing-wise), and a list of links to the relevant chapters and stories. 


I’ve had to break the post into two sections—it finally hit the max on posting size. So here’s Part I: Years One – Three of DI Carlisle and Field Agent Tyler. The original version of the post still exists, so that I could hang on to the comments; it can be found here.

(Part II)





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