Not a ficlet, but exactly what the title implies. It's a combo offering--a timeline showing the order of the stories and ficlets in Peter and Rose's relationship (so I can keep track of where I am, writing-wise), and lists of links to the relevant chapters and stories.


I’ve had to break the post into two sections—it finally hit the max on posting size. So here’s Part II: Everything that’s not Year One – Three, including the Professor and the Heiress. The original version of the post still exists, so that I could hang on to the comments; it can be found here.


(Part I)

I'm not posting today--but, as alluded to in Monday's A/N, [ profile] wildwinterwitch  has. The first chapter of her story, Hoarfrost Days, is up--and I can't encourage you enough to go have a read.

From the entry:

Title: Hoarfrost Days
Part 1 of 4
Author: Cloud [personal profile] wildwinterwitch
In a particularly difficult investigation Peter makes a terrible mistake. Unable to open up to Rose, he hides in Croy.
Set in January of their fourth year.
Rating: MA


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