Not a ficlet, but exactly what the title implies. It's a combo offering--a timeline showing the order of the stories and ficlets in Peter and Rose's relationship (so I can keep track of where I am, writing-wise), and lists of links to the relevant chapters and stories.


I’ve had to break the post into two sections—it finally hit the max on posting size. So here’s Part II: Everything that’s not Year One – Three, including the Professor and the Heiress. The original version of the post still exists, so that I could hang on to the comments; it can be found here.


(Part I)

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( Nov. 20th, 2008 05:24 am)
Title – A Hope Thing (1/1)
Author[ profile] jlrpuck
Rating – T
Pairing – Peter Carlisle/Rose Tyler
Spoilers – For both Blackpool and S2 of Doctor Who.
Disclaimer – Characters from Blackpool and Doctor Who are the property of the BBC, and are used with the greatest of love and respect; no profit is intended from the writing or sharing of this story.
Summary – Peter experiences a particularly bad day at work.
Author’s Notes – I was inspired from two fronts—one was [ profile] wildwinterwitch’s “Hoarfrost Days”, which got me to thinking: Rose might face alien horrors, but Peter has to deal with the horror of what mankind can do to each other. The second inspiration is cited at the end of the story.

Many thanks to [ profile] earlgreytea68 and [ profile] chicklet73 for their work betaing this particular story—it was written on Monday, and they turned it around with both great speed, and insight.

A Hope Thing )


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